SBDIC Course

School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC)

This course is designed to teach the laws, regulations and safety practices that apply to the school bus industry. Designed by the IHSA, this course is recommended for all school bus drivers to learn defensive driving techniques in a classroom setting. The course aims to involve participants in group discussions regarding the problems that are most encountered by school bus drivers each day. The SBDIC course is approved by the Ministry Of Transportation as qualified for drivers who are required to successfully complete a Driver Improvement Course in order to be granted a class B driver's licence.

Program Content Includes

  • The Law (Legal Element)

    • Rules & regulations that apply to a school bus

  • The Driver (Human Element)

    • The human elements that affect our ability to drive safely, including attitude, mental/emotional state, complacency, physical well-being, nutrition, sleep, vision, and knowledge

  • The Vehicle (Mechanical Element)

    • Vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control, and factors that affect steering, stopping, and handling

  • The Environment

    • Inside the vehicle, road surface conditions, traffic conditions, and weather conditions

  • School Bus Operations

    • The operation of a school bus requires special knowledge and skills unique to school bus operations. In this module, we will identify and discuss issues, factors, and procedures that are specific to school buses.

  • Driving Defensively

    • Incident prevention; use of mirrors, signs, and signals; passing; intersections; turning procedures; expressway driving; and backing procedures.

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Class 'B' License Course

A class B licence is needed to drive any school-purposes bus having seats for more than 24 passengers. It also allows you to operate vehicles included in classes C, D, E, F and G. (excluding M class for motorcycles)