Brenmar Transit Inc. is part of the MTO (Ministry of Transportation) Driver Certification Program.

Our training program is a comprehensive, detailed, hands-on training program that produces some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals the industry has to offer. The program features technical skill development through a wide variety of in-class, in bus, and on-road training tailored to the learning needs of each individual trainee. Trainees will be given the opportunity to develop their skills through real life interactive in class and on-road scenarios. (Program length is dependent on the needs of each individual trainee, but on average course length runs 46 hrs.) Some examples of our areas of training covered:

  • Vehicle Handling Skills

  • Circle Check Requirements

  • Defensive Driving (On Site IHSA School Bus Driver Improvement Course Required by MTO to Complete a Class “B” and “E” Licence Classification)

  • How to Safely Load and Unload Passengers and the Legislative Requirements of This Procedure

  • Passenger and Student Management (Learning the Skills Necessary to Provide the Safest and Most Enjoyable Ride Possible for all Passengers)

  • A 3-Part Specialized Unit on “Bullying” (How to Recognize it)

  • Emergency Procedures

  • First Aid Training and Certification

  • Specialized in Depth Training in Transporting Special Needs Passengers (on a Requirement Basis)

Brenmar Transit Inc. provides ongoing, fun, and interactive refresher training on all different aspects of School Bus Operations. We encourage our staff to bring forward their ideas regarding the curriculum they would be interested in learning more about. We also provide yearly ride along assistance, where a driver’s skills and exceptional customer service can be recognised. It is also an opportunity for driver trainer’s to provide suggestions on procedures that can assist a driver in maintaining their exceptional Professional driving skills. All driver’s interested in extra hours of work can participate in performing charter services for clientele looking for that reliable, friendly, and affordable service. This provides a driver the opportunity to visit places they may not otherwise have the chance to visit. Specialized training will be provided on a requirement basis. Brenmar Transit offers a competitive salary based on a minimum 3 hour day on routes with the opportunity for increased hours with charter work.

Safe Driver Awards

Brenmar Transit is an active participating member of the IHSA Safe Driver Award Program which recognises the ongoing safe practices of School Bus Drivers at our yearly banquet.